Making it happen with The Boiler Repair Work Experience Programme.

This runs for 5 months, from 1st November to 30th March.

If you opt in to our Paid Boiler Repair Work Experience Programme, you will earn £2,000 per month from A+R Boilers.

You will have the following experiences:

  • Diagnosing faults on your own
  • Repairing gas and electric boilers on your own
  • Using the business model
  • Increasing your skills and confidence

You will also enjoy even more benefits, such as:

  • Discovering how to generate new customers in your local area
  • Learning how to create a recurring income stream
  • And much more

Once you complete this programme, you will be truly ready to go out there and build your business and become part of the Engineer Team Network.

The Paid Boiler Repair Work Experience Programme has limited placements and is subject to your A+R Boiler Repair Training assessment.


You will have to provide your own transport.

So, start making things happen and book your provisional place by email



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