Your Gas Portfolio Journey: the Right Way

The A+R Gas Portfolio Programme is here for you.

Starting a gas portfolio journey can be a lucrative venture if approached strategically. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you begin your gas portfolio journey on the right foot. By choosing A+R Boilers to build your Gas Portfolio you will pass your ACS with flying colours. With our unique and holistic training approach, you will become competent and confident FAST.

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The first step in your Gas Portfolio journey

The first step is to register with A+R Boilers who will provide you with a host of useful information to accelerate your success. Click here to register now

The next step (if not already done so) is to choose your approved training centre in your local area to start your Gas Foundation Training.

As part of your Gas Foundation Training, you will have to complete a number of jobs for your Gas Portfolio Building – and that is where A+R will give you Assurance + Reliability. See our Google reviews for our high standard of work.

By doing your portfolio with A+R, you are going to gain vital knowledge of boilers in general and we encourage our students to ask lots of questions to help with their development.

In addition A+R will help to make the process easier by giving you an appliance checklist for every job you carry out. This allows you to record all your readings for each gas appliance you work on, and it will make it a lot easier to collate the information when it comes to transferring it to your official course paperwork.

Find Out How Much

Your next step is to contact us with the number and type of jobs you require.
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Enhancing your future success

To maximise your chances of getting the job you want, and to accelerate your development as a trainee gas engineer, you must be open minded and have a growth mindset. If you’re not sure what this means click here to find out more.

When you understand the principles of being open minded and having a growth mindset, then you will realise that to cement your future success you need to push yourself – it’s like coming out of your comfort zone.

And we have the perfect programme to make this happen for you: The Boiler Repair Accelerated Training.

  • It will enhance your gas portfolio development, especially when it comes to your ACS Exam
  • You will stand out from your ACS classmates by accelerating your knowledge and technical ability to years ahead of other trainees in your class
  • You will have a vast knowledge of boiler repair, heating systems and controls

Find out about the Boiler Repair Accelerated Training

Life After You have finished Your ACS Exam

Once you’ve passed your ACS Exam and you are qualified to work on gas appliances, you will have to make a choice of either working for yourself or getting a job. Find out more about the keys to your success.

If you choose to get a job, with the vast knowledge you will have from the Boiler Repair Accelerated Training you will outperform your competition.

If you choose to work for yourself, you have a further two options: either go self employed on your own, or go self employed using our A+R Franchise.

By choosing the A+R Franchise route as a new engineer, you will minimise your risk in all areas of starting out on your own. The advantages for you would be:

  • Starting your business using a proven method that works
  • Avoid massive mistakes
  • Avoid losing money
  • Avoid the stress and heartache of working on your own
  • Make more money
  • Mentorship in technical and business strategies
  • Support with running your business
  • Being part of an established and successful brand
  • And lots more…

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Boiler Installation for Gas Portfolio Students

About A+R Boilers

A+R Boilers is a family run business established for 24 years. We’ve built up an excellent reputation throughout the Greater Manchester area because we put our customers – and what they need and want – first.

A+R Boilers believes in investing in the relationships we form with our customers and our engineer team. This is how we feel growth and constant improvement is achieved. And that’s why our customer retention is very high – five, 10, up to 20 years.

Our services cover one-off gas and electric boiler repairs, repair and contracts, along with replacement boilers.   We accept payment via credit, debit card or Bacs payment.

Whether you’re a customer with a boiler problem or an engineer wishing to join our Boiler Repair Mentorship Programme, we at A+R Boilers like to think we offer that extra special touch, and go that extra mile in what we do.

When you use our services, you instantly notice the difference from anyone else you’ve used in the past. That’s because of the way we connect with both our customers and our Engineer Team. This connection is of the utmost importance when it comes to assurance and reliability – that’s what A+R means.

If you’re the type of customer who wants a boiler company you can connect with, call us today on 0161 220 3712

Our promise to you.
  • You will be given correct and honest advice.
  • You will be explained the correct options available to meet your needs.
  • We won’t leave until you are completely happy with the work carried out.
  • You will receive a full guarantee for any work carried out.
  • We will leave any areas we work in clean and tidy as if we had never been there.
What happens when you call us?

We will ask you some questions about your heating problem to gather as much information as we can.

We will then explain your options and provide a quote for the work.

We will give you an honest and accurate time of arrival. We will never tell you a time and arrive hours late, if we say we’ll be there in 45 minutes that’s when we’ll be there. If we think it will be a few hours, that’s what we’ll tell you!

We will also tell you the name of the engineer coming to you, we think it’s important that you are comfortable and know who to expect, and when.

We will stay in contact with you and you should feel completely free to give us a call any time with further questions or any other enquiries. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer satisfaction and we hope that you will find us a pleasure to deal with.

Call us on: 0161 220 3712

Common questions we get asked about our services.

Q. Are you a franchise company?

A. No. We are a family-owned company based in Manchester, our office is in Medlock Court Welcomb Street, 9, Welcomb St, Manchester M11 2NB. We are a genuine family business, and have been installing high quality heating systems for 24 years.

Q. How quickly can you get my boiler system repaired?

A. Once we have given you a quotation and you are happy to proceed, we will book your job in for installation. For emergencies we can offer a same day service, depending on workload.

Q. How long will it take to carry out a new gas boiler installation?

A. This obviously depends upon the type of property and the complexity of the heating system being installed. Most installations can be normally be completed within two days. Whatever the situation, we will always advise you of the installation process, what needs to be done, and what the timescales are likely to be.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

Q. How do we contact you?

A. Call us on: 0161 220 3712

1,400+ Google Reviews, Rating 4.9

Reviews tell customers that our business is worth their time. We have over 1400+ Five Star Reviews on Google +  To read our reviews follow this link A&R Boiler Repairs, Google Reviews

5 Star Service, Guaranteed

Est 24 years, we’ve built an excellent reputation because we put our customers – and what they need and want, first. It’s in our name – Assurance and Reliability

Superior Customer Service

You will always get the highest quality customer service and attention to detail when it comes to your requirements.

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