Gas Portfolio Building

Portfolio-Building Development Programme

Gas Portfolio Building

Looking for a complete gas portfolio building and business development training? You have come to the right place...

Gas Portfolio Building

Gas Safety Portfolio Building

Five compelling reasons you should choose A+R Boilers to begin your Gas Safety Portfolio Building

1: A Superior Portfolio-Building Programme


This is completed in a laid-back, calm and relaxed professional manner. It gives you hands-on experience out in the field with a Gas Safe Engineer.

You undertake your Gas Portfolio Building in Manchester. And also, from  September 2018 we will have additional locations in the North East, Midlands and East London.


With our Portfolio-Building Development Programme you have two options:

  1. 20 repair and service jobs, which takes up to three weeks
  2. Boiler installations, which takes up to six weeks.


The two options cover:

  1. Tightness Test with and without appliances
  2. Appliance Services
  3. Two types of gas rates – imperial and metric
  4. Working pressure checks at the meter
  5. Standing pressure checks
  6. Spillage test (minimum of one)
  7. Trace and repair gas leak
  8. Flue flow test (minimum of one)
  9. Identifying correct ventilation
  10. Visual flue inspection
  11. Working pressure checks at the appliance
  12. Appliance relights
  13. Identifying/notifying unsafe situations
  14. Positive pressure test, where applicable.


2: Business Mindset Development

  • You will get an insight into the importance of having the correct mindset and how this will have a profound effect on your future success.


3: Boiler Repair Development

  • You get a greater insight into boiler repairs and common faults.
  • We show you the differences between inlet and outlet working pressure and burner pressure on gas valves.
  • We show you the differences between standard efficiency and high efficiency boilers, and give you a better understanding of how they work.


4: Business Development

You’ll get a bird’s eye view of how to run a successful business:

  • You’ll see at first-hand how we do things using our business model of successvital experience if you’re thinking of working for yourself.

Find more about Joining The A+R Team (link to gas portfolio)


5: We can help you make things happen

  • Every candidate who had completed our Portfolio-Building Development programme said we did exactly what we promised and more. See them talking about their experience with A&R – videos below.

Dave Lopez

Nadeem Javid

Dave Moorcroft

Steve Davis

Our Portfolio-Building Programme fees are:


  • Repair and service jobs: £1062.00
  • Boiler installations: £450.00
  • Repair and service jobs, plus three boiler installations: £1512.00


Note, you will need a camera for your photographic evidence.

To book your Portfolio-Building Development complete the online booking form and pay an £80.00 non-refundable deposit through our secure online payment gateway.

You then pay the balance on the day your Portfolio-Building Development starts.

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