ETN LOGOAre You Losing Customers to British Gas Care and Repair Service?

£99.00 and £22.50 per month – that’s what British Gas use to take your new boiler repair jobs away…..

Yes, that’s familiar, isn’t it?
But there’s a solution for you – and it’s very simple…
By joining the Engineer Team Network you get the ability to compete against British Gas… and significantly protect YOUR OWN Customer Network… and increase your income.
The Engineer Team Network Contracts are cheaper

Our Repair and Contract option is £99.00 and £19.99 per month for a 12-month contract giving boiler cover and an annual service.

When you sign up a customer on a Repair and Contract, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • You get paid for all the boiler breakdown work
  • You get paid for all the annual servicing
  • You can offer your customers Private and Landlord contracts too
  • You’ll be able to protect and lock in your customers from bigger companies
  • You’ll be able to stop these bigger companies taking your customers away
  • You will generate a recurring income stream, year-upon-year, which will give you and your family future security.
  • And all this at no risk to you
  • Plus, we can pass you other jobs, too

Let’s look at the revenue you stand to gain by signing up your customers on Repair and Contract…

Say you just sign up 120 customers each year – that’s around 2 customers per week.

You would get:

  • £7,200 from initial repair work
  • £3,600 from annual servicing
  • £1,800 from projected future breakdown repair work

That’s a total of £12,600 each year

However, by doing nothing about this – by not using our Repair and Contract – you run the BIG risk of losing your customers, and this revenue stream, to the big companies like British Gas or Homeserve. And you’ll wonder why you have no work in the spring and summer.
So – now you have the solution.

Sign up your customers, protect and lock them in from bigger companies, and protect your recurring income stream.

Your next step – How to join to The Engineer Team Network

Step 1. Read and acknowledge our Terms and Conditions


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