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Engineer business help

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

The A+R Engineer Team Network’s Mission is to blend Technical Boiler skills with the Mindset you need to affect anyone you come in contact with in a positive way.

This combination defines a Masterful Engineer – it’s how you will achieve higher levels of success through the 4 Pillars of Life: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. 

Watch this video where Coach Tony Morgan interviews an Independant Gas Safe Engineer, Simon Bibby. They talk about how Simon has changed his Negative Mindset to a Positive Mindset, and the difference this has made to his business and his outlook on life.


To help him change his Mindset, Simon has subscribed to the Masterful Engineer Mindset Business Training.

The Downside of a Wrong Mindset

Lots of Engineers have good technical skills but, unfortunately, they don’t have the right Mindset.

Not only does a Wrong Mindset keep you in a negative place throughout the working day, it also affects you in two crucial areas: finance and relationships.

A Fixed Mindset can give you a negative view of the world, and this type of thinking won’t allow you to take on any new ideas or learn anything new. You’ll be saying to yourself: “This is as good as it gets” and you’ll just give up trying to move forwards.

So you’ll stay in the same place financially throughout your working life.

The Upside of a Right Mindset

Whether you’re working for a company or running your own business, having a Positive Mindset will help you manage the day-to-day ups and downs of life.

When you have the right Mindset, you’ll interact with people more positively. You’ll give an enhanced Customer Experience; you’ll find colleagues and suppliers more co-operative; and this will make you feel more positive throughout your working day.

And friends and family will notice the difference, too!

With the Right Mindset, you’ll be willing to learn new things and take calculated risks because you know this is how you’ll advance yourself.

This will lead to higher financial gains and rewards.

People with the Right Mindset Set Goals

Goals are the driving force that will always take you to the next level. They are the only way to achieve the financial levels you’d really love to aim for.

If you’re the kind of person who normally doesn’t set Goals, but would like to follow a better path in your business life, like Simon Bibby is doing, then start setting Goals today!

And this is your first Goal: To complete the simple Awareness Questionnaire below.

By completing this Goal you’ll discover what has been holding you back.

We will analyse your answers, then contact you to discuss how we can help you achieve more, like Simon Bibby has.

Awareness Questionnaire

Complete the simple Awareness Questionnaire below. 
By completing this Goal you’ll discover what has been holding you back.

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