Boiler Apprentice Competition Rules

The winning individual will have personal mentorship and training from Master Coach Tony Morgan

Boiler Apprentice Competition Rules

Boiler Apprentice Competition Rules

This competition is being run by Master Coach Tony Morgan, A+R Central Heating & Boiler Repair Experts Ltd of City Works, Medlock Court, Manchester M11 2NB.

The Goal:

To find our new Boiler Repair Apprentice for the job of  a lifetime.


Contestants will need to have either started their Gas Portfolio or have completed their Gas Portfolio within the last 12 months. They will also require a full UK Driving licence with less than 3 penalty points. The Job will be based in Manchester.

Competition Dates:

The competition will be open to receive applications for a period of two weeks from the 29th March 2012 through to 25th April 2021.

If you are selected to go through to the First Round, you will be notified by email by 30th April  You will then need to be available for 4 hours between 10.30am and 2.30pm to complete the Boiler Apprentice Interactive round at our Manchester Office or Online via Zoom on 6th or 7th May

If you are selected to go through to the Second Round, we will email you by the 10th May. You will be asked to watch a Training Video and to respond email with your answers to questions before 13th May.

If you are selected to go through to the Third Round, we will email you by the 17th May and arrange a telephone interview with you during the week  commencing 17th May.

If you are selected to go through to the Final Round, we will email you by the 24th May. You will be offered Classroom and Real World Training and Mentorship with Coach Tony Morgan. You will need to be available for 2 days during the week commencing 31st May and 1 day during the week commencing 7th June

The Final Winner will be announced on 14th June, with the opportunity to start as Boiler Apprentice on 5th August 2021.

Judging Process:

This competition will be judged by Master Coach Tony Morgan and his assistants.

The Prize:

The winner will become the Boiler Apprentice of Master Coach Tony Morgan with a competitive salary and a company vehicle.

Announcing the Winner:

The Final Winner will be announced on 14th June.


We will not share your data with anyone else or any other company. We will not use your data for general marketing purposes. We reserve the right to publicize the winner in our Social Media pages.

How To Enter…

To enter the competition complete the online application form (please note; you will require a Google account to log in and access the competition entry form)

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